30 Under 30Juried by Kelly Kivland Curator DIA Foundation

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"30 Under 30"

Juried by Kelly Kivland, Curator DIA Art Foundation
                                                                            February 25 - March 14, 2020
                                                    Opening Reception Thursday February 27th, 6-8pm

Hannah Altman * Megan Angolia * Zea Beckwith * Siwon Cho * Alayna Coverly *
                     Hannah Ehrlich Haney * Emily Elhoffer * Allie Gilmore * Alexis Hill * Ming Ying Hong *
                     Yasmine Iskander * Anna Lyle * Addie Kae Mingilton *Desiree Mitchell * Orianna Montenegro *
                     Luke Morrison * Jaclyn Mottola * Ashley Pelletier * Andre Ramos-Woodard * Whitson Ramsey *
                     Nat Raum * Lauren Sanders * Mengxia Shi * Brittany Sievers * Krystal Sing * Tarran Sklenar *
                     Yassaira Torres * Raelis Vasquez * Bowen Walsh Fernie * Tinwai Wong *

Chelsea NY: Viridian Artists is pleased to present an exhibition of artists who are all under 30 years of age. “30 Under 30“ continues from February 25th to March 14th, with a reception to meet the artists, Thursday February 27th, 6-8pm.  There will also be a closing reception on Saturday, March 14th, 4-6PM at which some of the winning artists will talk about their work.

In a world changing culturally and politically more rapidly than ever, the ways artists look at their lives and times through art making is reflected in this exhibit by artists under 30 years of age. Gleaned from a juried “Call for Art”, Viridian wanted to discover what young artists are thinking about and creating art about in these times.  

The work was selected from a wide range of submissions by Kelly Kivland, a curator at the DIA Art Foundation. Holding a master’s degree from the Center for Curatorial Studies at Bard College in Annandale-on-Hudson, New York, Kivland has curated numerous exhibits of art at both DIA’s Beacon location and at their Chelsea location.  

The struggle to be an artist full time is a dream few can afford and making art in shared spaces is the rule rather than the exception. Consequently, Viridian not only invites a curator to jury this competition annually, but also we have created an affordable membership program for the young and the gifted.  

As in the case of our juried exhibit open to artist of all ages & persuasions, Viridian has instituted a digital presentation of 30 artists selected by the gallery director, Vernita Nemec, giving an opportunity to 30 additional artists and giving gallery visitors a chance to see the work of more artists of merit.

Just how difficult is it now is for young artists to achieve their dreams of fame, respect and possibly fortune? What are their concerns? What materials do they work with? Why are some still making art in traditional materials & in traditional ways? How have social media, astronomical rents, and less space changed the way in which artists just beginning their careers express themselves creatively?

Hear the answers to these questions (& more) on the last day of the exhibition, as a select group of these artists talk about the trials & tribulations of being a young artist today. And see the wonderful art they have created, inspired by the madness of today’s world.

Gallery hours: Tuesday through Saturday 12-6PM

For further information please contact the gallery at 212 414 4040 or 

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Online Show! The Hitchhiker's Guide to Staying Afloat


The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Staying Afloat is a handbook featuring works from nine artists and anchored by four literary works that map out an alternative route of navigating this crisis. Leitmotifs of paranoia, trauma and catastrophe in the show conjure up a Dantean narrative, reminding us the inescapable probability of illness and entropy that are intertwined with the vibrant and dynamic side of life. 


Each of us is a lonesome hitchhiker in the journey of life - life that is full of uncertainty and absurdity. We are at constant risk of losing it. A pandemic is only a concentrated event that better emphasizes it. By sharing their vulnerable propositions of an inner world, the artworks in the Guide thus calls upon the bravery to face our neuroses; the empathy to regard sickness and trauma as rites of passage; and to come out of this crisis with a renewed and humble sensibility.

Curated and Edited by Alexander Si

Commissioned Illustration from Xizi Luo

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“青年艺术100”启动展 Art Nova 100 Opening Exhibition



展览时间:2019-09-08 - 2019-09-12



展览地址:北京市东城区王府井大街 中国美术馆南侧



The launch exhibition "Art Nova 100" opens at the guardian art center in Beijing, capital of China, Sept. 8, 2019. This exhibition is the second year of the youth art 100 at the guardian art center and the ninth since its inception in 2011. The exhibition is organized by the youth art 100 organizing committee. Beijing mingtai culture and art co., LTD. Guardian art center/Beijing international design week as supporting unit; Academic support from CCAD. More than 600 works of art from more than 130 young artists from different countries around the world are exhibited, including oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, engraving, sculpture, installation, video, behavior, new media art and other different art categories, comprehensively presenting the most vivid ecology of current young art.

2019 "Art Nova 100" launch exhibition related information:

Exhibition time: 2019-09-08-2019-09-12

Exhibition organization: guardian art center

Opening hours: tuesday-sunday, 10:00-18:00

Exhibition address: south of China art museum, wangfujing street, dongcheng district, Beijing

Introduction to "Art Nova 100"

Founded in 2011, "youth art 100" is a high-end platform to explore and recommend young artists. Since its inception, it has always focused on young artists as its core service. The project in order to commend experts nomination, artists, artists, each recommendation, exhibition found for the channel, to the art committee of public evaluation, selection, determine the final shortlist as the way, with annual global roadshow artistic activities as the carrier, such as to establish a specialization, scale, multi-channel promotion mechanism as the goal, efforts for young artists provide a dream can achieve art high-end platform, and then build a rich, vibrant young contemporary art ecology.

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Court in Art Lot

SVA MFA students in partnership with the Art Lot is pleased to announce the Art Lot's Summer exhibition! 

Please join us this Saturday for:
OPENING: Saturday, July 13th, 1-3pm
(rain date July 14th)

Each of the 10 artists derives personal inspiration from the
formal visual language and playful attitude of the concept of varied sports
courts. Their explorations transform the Art Lot into an abstracted court
populated by the dialogue of their artworks.
With works by:
Dulce Lamarca, Ester Yijun Xu, Jennifer Rappaport, Kunjin Jiang, Maria Duran Sampedro, Marianna Peragallo, Mengxia Shi, Pei-Ling Ho, Roberto Olvera, and Yam Chew Oh

Special performance and artist talks will be presented throughout the
duration of the show including collaborative performances by Dulce Lamarca and Marianna Peragallo, and artist talks by sculptors Yam Chew Oh and Roberto Olvera, and painter Jennifer Rappaport.

Hope to see you there!


206 Columbia St @ Sackett

Brooklyn, NY 11231

f or g to Carroll St / B61 & B71 to Sackett

The Art Lot is curated by Aimée Burg + Natalia Zubko
For Events: For History: #artlotbrooklyn @futuretriangle @wonder_sense

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When black swallows red

  • Fri, Jul 5, 20195:30 PM  Tue, Jul 9, 20196:30 PM
  • La Mama Gallery (map)

Hosted by Metropolitan Art Gallery Association (MAGA) in La Galleria at La Mama MAGA is pleased to issue an open call for its first group show collaborated on with LA MAMA La Galleria, titled WHEN BLACK SWALLOWS RED, and invites all artists around the world to participate. The show aims to provide an opportunity for young artists to exhibit their works while receiving criticism and advice from established New York artists as well as critics. Some of the outstanding artists will also receive media exposure. 


Intuition and Interpretation

An Exhibition of Contemporary Art Works

主办单位: 上海瑶莎文化传播有限公司

New Art Trend艺术前潮











Estelle Magnin(法国)、贲鹏、陈情、陈涛、陈小松、程宇、郭康妮、石梦霞、海日、红华、杜萌、洪达、吕洪良、胡金刚、黄文旭、金姗、金尉鸿、李聪、李华琪、李凯兵、李毅方、李振兴、林明、刘江菊、刘婷、刘小轶、倪秉栩、沈周贤、王疆、王珂潇、王晓磊、吴玖阳、武威、新吉勒呼、徐金玉、许德成、杨倩、杨万君、杨炀、于筱婧、贠智力、郑渌、钟佩玲、周斌、周子瑾、庄丹华、庄婕(排名无先后,按拼音姓氏首字母排序)

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24P Studio

48214 부산광역시 수영구 구락로 104
104, Gurak-ro, Suyeong-gu, Busan, 48214 Korea
T. +82 51 757 3530 F. +82 51 757 3531

© Copyright ART BUSAN 2019

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Firm Gentleness

A Joint Exhibition of Female Artists From Both Sides of the Taiwan Straits

"Firm and tender -- exhibition of female artists from both sides of the Taiwan straits", open for free at lingnan hall of da-xin art museum from May 12, solstice, July 31.

Curator: Wang Yao

Event date: 2019/5/12 (sun) -2019/7/31 (wed)

Venue:Lingnan Museum of Guangzhou Daxin Art museum (no. 46, Xiyunfeng road, Pingbu Avenue, Huadu District, Guangzhou city) Opening hours: 9:00-17:30, Tuesday-Sunday (closed on Monday)

Sponsor: Daxin Art Museum

Artist on display

Taiwan: Liao Yingxi, ASHLEY Luo, Luo Silk, Chen Shengxuan 祤

Mainland: Wu huiling, He Xiaochun, Wang Xinxue, Xu Na, Zhang Yongjie, Shi Mengxia, Huang Mei, wang Weilin, Li Xun

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New Cultural Challenges for New Immigrants 新移民面臨的新文化挑戰

New York City, one of the centers flourished with contemporary art in the globe, is a place of aggregation and fluctuation of diverse populations where people possess multiple cultures, identities, and responsibilities. In this competitive society, each individual tries to find balance and one's own stance and place. The artists presented in this exhibition are recent MFA graduates and new immigrants who try to fuse with local culture, yet find challenges to abandon their own cultural heritage. 

These new experiences include: the balance between women’s autonomy and patriarchal society; their own inner thoughts and social expectations; Western thinking and Eastern contemplation; differences between outsiders and the local environment; conflicts between races and people; and personal inner feelings of Existentialism and external consumerism. Everyone is in the middle of the gap, and they are equally looking for directions. People always find their way from the cracks, and they have struggled to survive and develop from generation to generation.

Works by:

Alina Deng | Chi Fei (Flora) Chen | Eona Jiawei Gao 

Po Chun Lin | Shuju Lin | Te Sian Shih | Wei Tao

Xinyi Wang | Yijia Zhao | Yijun Wang | YingWan Sun

Organizer: Te Hsian Shih

Curated by Catherine Lan

About the Curator:

Catherine Lan recently curated "Creative Technology: Art and the Digital Future" at Azarian McCullough Art Gallery, New York. She was the assistant curator of Blurred Boundaries at New York School of Interior Design and Fantastic Art China in 2018; and Metamorphosis – Biennale China-Italia of Contemporary Art in 2016. Catherine obtained an MFA fine art from Yale University in 2009; currently a doctoral candidate at Teachers College, Columbia University, she fuses recently available technology with her artistic practice. This has influenced her own art making, teaching, as well as her understanding about the contemporary art practice at large. This curatorial project reflects her recent interest in inquiring about the boundaries between art and technology, tradition and contemporary, physical and digital cultures.


Here There

2019 New Year Exhibition at Westfield World Trade Center

“此/cǐ/彼/bǐ/”, translate as “here, there” in English, are two Chinese characters that first explained by Mozi, a Chinese philosopher during the Hundred Schools of Thought period (from the 6th century to 221 BC). The book named after him, “Mozi·The Scriptures”, included a detailed argument of the opposition of “here” and “there”. His theory is that “here” and “there” debates each other, and when one tries to address “here” should avoid “there”, vice versa.

However, nowadays, “there” can be reflected “here” and “here” may revolute into “there”. These two concepts are inextricably linked.

Here, indicates a very person or thing, time or place.

There, is opposite, but would not be applicable if “here” does not exist.

At the time of the Lunar New Year 2019, “here” is the overseas artists, far from their hometowns; “there” is their roots deep down the soil in their hometowns. “Here” can also be the divergent thoughts of contemporary artists, while “there” can also be the time-honored and treasure-like tradition. “Here” represents an individual; “there” might be celestial.

On February 8th, our artists will get together in the atrium of the Oculus at the World Trade Center in New York City, showcasing their understanding and explorations of “here” and “there”.

Presented by:

Asian Cultural Center


Organized by:

ātman curation

MazeDesign Inc.


4 x 4

4 x 4 Group Exhibition

School of Visual Arts presents “4 x 4,” an MFA Fine Arts group exhibition that presents four student curated shows, each featuring artwork by four students. Each exhibition offers a distinct angle from which the student-artists perceive and interact with the art worlds of New York and beyond: from interactive, world-building and deconstructing performance art, to figurative works that bare mixed identities, to irreverent multimedia art that places the viewer inside exaggerated set pieces and queer art that queers the gallery itself. The exhibition will be on view Saturday, January 12, through Saturday, February 2, at the SVA Chelsea Gallery, 601 West 26th Street, 15th floor, New York City.

Gallery 1

“‘Living’ in Performance,” featuring HeraHaeSoo KimMengxia ShiPei-Ling Ho (curator) and Shannon Michelle Stovall, is a performative exhibition that brings together four artists whose mediums include the human body, video, sound and text as a means of exploring the synergy that arises from the convergence of performance and art-making practices. Based on the concept of Temporary Autonomous Zones (TAZ), which are liberated and transformative spaces of energetic exchange, each artist invites the public to experience live-action art that exists between domestic and psychological interiors.

The exhibition combines static display with live art that discusses themes of family, gender and human desire. With each artist transforming the space into surreal living space, they combine performance, participatory practices, installation, sound, healing methods and food to present a unique experience for the viewer. The exhibition aims to pose questions regarding the relationship between viewer and artist, and the social and public aspect of art environments.

Gallery 2

One of the challenges that people continue to face is the question of identity: who you are and where you belong, what you're supposed to look like and the acceptance of your difference. “Figures of Mixed Identity” features a group of artists—Bianca LottLatefy DolleyLaTonia Allen and Ferguson Amo(curator)—whose practice is keen to engage with current challenges in contemporary art, particularly in the area of identity and representation.

The artists will show a series of works that explores their personal experiences and issues concerning cultural, sexual and racial identities. The exhibition does not seek to group these artist as one, but regards them by the procedures they use or the problems they encompass. Their aim is to show that there are many voices in the world and all are fascinating. A common form found in each artist’s practice is figuration. In this sense, the artistic processes are analyzed as a creative power that allows different understandings of ways to depict figures, whether by painting, drawing or performance.

Gallery 3

“Super! Fun! Elastic! Sinister!” takes as its starting point the idea of the cartoon. Bright color, exaggerated form, graphic simplicity and manipulative cuteness are on display in the work of the Weird Eggplant Collective, comprised of Marianna PeragalloMin DingWilliam Patterson and Wushuang Tong. These four artists interpret or appropriate from such consumer-friendly and “cartoony” media as comic books, animation and video games as well as toy models, dolls and action figures. But each artist manipulates these broadly understood forms in a way that complicates their reception, turning what is often friendly and benign toward ambiguous and discomforting ends.

Gallery 4

To queer is to challenge the normative, to cause confusion. It is a queer's most political act. Resisting assumptions by fostering a language that speaks with its own voice. It is performative and it is personal. “Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular, never the same, totally unique, completely not ever been done before, unafraid to reference or not reference, put it in a blender, shit on it, vomit on it, eat it, give birth to it” celebrates the personal by bringing together the collective cultures and iconographies of four queer artists: Zac ThompsonJason Elizondo (curator), Megan Elaine Wirick and Daniel Arturo Almeida.



Online exhibition The Hitchhiker's Guide to Staying Afloat

All day


Online exhibition The Hitchhiker's Guide to Staying Afloat

We invite you to check out this online group show!

All day


Opening Reception of Talking to the Blue

10am - 6pm

220E 23rd St, 4L


Opening Reception of Talking to the Blue

We invite you to check out this cross-nation group show!

10am - 6pm

220E 23rd St, 4L


Opening Reception of 30 Under 30

6pm - 8pm

Viridian Artist


Opening Reception of 30 Under 30

6pm - 8pm

Viridian Artist


Art Nova 100 Opening Exhibition

10am - 6pm

Guardian Art Center, Beijing


Art Nova 100 Opening Exhibition

10am - 6pm

Guardian Art Center, Beijing


When black swallows red- the process of exploration

5:30pm - 9pm

La Galleria


When black swallows red- the process of exploration

We invite you to listen to live bands play beautiful music in the show. Enjoy works of Artists from global scale, and enjoy wine tastings.

5:30pm - 9pm

La Galleria

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